Creating value for people

The study has its roots in the history of a family that has always worked in the economic field developing relationships and trade businesses.
In fact, from 1682 Dionisio Pasca, head of the city-states of Magliano and Gioi, managed one of the most important commercial events in Italy, The Stio’s Fair of the Cross.
Two centuries later In 1885, Luciano Pasca founded the first Italian Bank of East Harlem at First Avenue in New York, encouraging the Italian flow into what was called Italian Harlem, or the first Little Italy of New York City.
He was also an agent of the main shipping companies, which made it possible to cross the Atlantic Ocean at that time.
Following generations, the STUDIO COMMERCIALE PASCA® supports peoples and companies to find solutions to thrive and grow.
Through digital expertise, data analysis tools and a diversified and proficient network of professionals, we passionately pursue innovation from a heritage of efficiency for getting long-lasting results, to experience a flourishing, bright future.